Frequently Asked Questions

  • Anyone wanting to work in Switzerland as a consultant, freelancer or self-employed but who does really want to spend time on all the admin overhead. It is also very useful if you have less than the Swiss legal minimum of a least 3 customers to qualify as independent freelancer.
  • People who retired but would like to keep working on some paid for projects.
  • Small companies not managing enough loans to be able to negotiate good rates for insurances and social charges and/or do not have an HR function or accounting team taking care of salaries for a few employees.
  • Companies wanting to keep employees during a crisis. This presents a good and more flexible alternative to layoffs.
  • Companies needing specific resources for a specific mission. Our system allows hiring people without requiring companies to issue a fixed term contract, just let us manage all of that for you!

BeeU will deduct a percentage fee from your salary. The exact amount will be determined depending on several factors but generally, if you do the math on the rate BeeU allows you to have access to (e.g., social insurances), you will realize that this amount is fairly small and reasonable.

As you might know the Swiss system is fairly complex and hence we cannot give you a one-size-fits-all answer. It will depend on many factors such as age, job, workload, etc. Contact us and we'll be more than happy to give you an estimate for your profile.

Have a look at our explainer page to understand the advantages of working with BeeU.

Actually not, that's your mission! No one is better than you at finding your customer(s). BeeU will take the admin burden off you. However, if we see an opportunity matching your profile we will of course contact you.

Usually we work as an admin support between consultants and companies, however if you tell us more about the project you are looking to get consultants for we will be happy to see if any of our freelancers match your requirements.

Yes, as long as you work at least 8 hours per week we will insure you with our partner the Suva insurance.

Yes, we will cover you via our health partner but only after being sick for more than 30 days. This allows us to negotiate very good terms and we think it all makes sense as we know usually freelancers want to work as many days as they can!

That's one of the biggest advantages of working with BeeU: we look after your AHV (old age insurance) and your 2nd pillar pension.

Yes, you'll receive both from us.