What's BeeU?

In a nutshell it's a way to get all the advantages of being employed while remaining independant.

You advantages

The way it works...

BeeU will setup a contract between 3 parties

  1. The freelancer becoming an employee (you!)
  2. The company/companies you work for as a consultant
  3. BeeU SA, the umbrella company (us!) that will manage and shield the legal and admin tasks between the two other parties.

Some more details...

  • You can have a fixed term or open ended contract with the company. The actual duration will depend on your work with them.
  • You will sign a contract with BeeU SA and hence BeeU SA will invoice the company/companies you work with and grant you the corresponding salary.
  • You will benefit from all our group advantages we negotiated for you such as on insurances and pension. Hence you will end up paying less than you would do as an independant or freelancer.

In a nutshell

BeeU is your partner to remain independant while accessing the many advantages of being employed!

Convinced? Wait no more and contact us, we'll be happy to help you and tell you more.
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